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Accreditation was formed to provide quality Hazardous Substance Engineering, Approvals, Certification and Operations Advice and Training to Industry. Accreditatation covers the major aspects of Safety, Design and Hazardous substance handling for Industrial sites HSNO Hazardous Substance advice areas include:

  • HSNO & Worksafe HSAW workplace Hazardous Substance Handler Training

  • Hazardous Substance & Certified handler certificates - where workers use hazardous substances

  • Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS and Emergency Response Plan reviews - for recognised safety issues

  • Hazardous Substance Location certificates - Approvals where Hazardous Substances and DG are used and stored

  • HSNO & HSAW Stationary Container certificates - Approvals for Hazardous substance tanks


  • HSNO & HSAW Hazardous Substance review reports

  • HSNO & HSAW Hazardous Substance Zoning drawings

  • HSNO & HSAW Hazardous Substance Emergency Response Plans

  • HSNO & HSAW Hazardous Substance Approved handler training

  • HSNO & HSAW Hazardous Substance advice and design

  • Hazardous Substance regulation certification or approvals

  • HAZOP & HAZAN SAFETY risk management assessments

  • Project Management and design detailing

Expert Designers of Hazardous Substance Facilities


Hazardous Substance Types



Flammable Liquids

Flammable Solids

Oxidising Substances

Toxic and Infectious Substances

Radioactive Substances



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