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Industrial Risk Audits
HSNO Hazardous Substances Energy and Risk Assessment

Energy Audits and Preliminary design recommendations on behalf of major manufacturers and power suppliers for various Industrial users.

Glass Manufacture
Glass Dryers

Review of Glass kilns and heat emissions in line with Environmental compliance for Health, Safety and Employment legislation.

Financial Sector Engineering/Cost Analysis
Financial Sector Engineering/Cost Analysis (I)
Strategic Planning and development of Financial/Cost models for the Trading Banks Information Processing facilities utilising process engineering principles. Development of strategic analysis for Information technology requirements for the Financial sector.

Customer Interactive Processing Kiosks
Computerised Service Centre
Development and design of Computerised Network Centre aligned with Banking, Real Estate and Services sector. Main functions included the design of the Computer cabinets and installations utilising telecom and internet facilities.

Aircraft Spraying facility
Design and installation of hazardous storage and site painting facility including fume extraction systems.

Packaging Equipment Development
Development of Packaging lines
Development and design of continuous tape applicators for cardboard cartons. This original development included the use of servo drives, PLC control and was a new product for the manufacturing industry. Development of several packaging/palletising lines.

Urban Design
Urban design
Detailed mechanical design of street lighting and furniture and building services for large scale community projects. Engineering liaison with professional urban designers.

Waste Treatment
Waste treatment
Design and detailing of process structural members for the aerobic sewerage treatment plant. Issue of compliance certification and designs for Waste treatment facilities.

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